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February 15, 2024

💥 New Single & Album Pre-Order 💥
The new album "Zodiac Carousel" by our cool  Propter Hoc  is now finally available to preorder! The second single "Immortelle" is also up on your favourite streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. Enjoy this awesome new tune by an outstanding artist!

February 6, 2024

💥 WGT 2024 Announcement 💥

BOOM! Just announced! We are super proud that our incredible Dead Astronauts will play the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024! It will be their first time in Europe! Don't miss it! 

February 2, 2024

Today we have two cool releases for you Music Lovers!

Our cool synth wave duo  HUIR have their new single out now on your favourite platforms! "TRIUMPHAL" is the second single off their debut EP coming this Spring on CD and in digital format. "TRIUMPHAL" reflects on relationships that initially seem promising but ultimately deceive, leaving individuals alone in reality. It explores the contradictions of joy turning into pain and questions the cyclical nature of these connections, where happiness is abruptly replaced by disappointment.

Enjoy this brand new atmospheric pearl on Bandcamp!

After our first successful LP compilation release ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 1 we are super happy to finally return with Volume 2 - available to preorder now in digital version and on transparent red Vinyl (limited hand-numbered edition of 250 pieces)! All tracks are released on Vinyl for the first time with some songs also previously unreleased!
Next to the wonderful bands from our own label roster the compilation also features the awesome non-label artists Teatre & Years of Denial and Permanent Daylight!
Enjoy brand new songs by S Y Z Y G Y X & NECRØ as well as great tracks by Kalte Nacht, Oliver Decrow, RINA PAVAR, Noromakina, Grey Gallows band (remixed by ACTORS) and Deus Ex Lumina & Antipole! Thanks to all bands for their kind contribution!
Pre Order now on Bandcamp!


January 31, 2024

💥 WGT 2024 Announcement 💥

YEAH, Music Lovers! Our incredible Death Loves Veronica will finally have her European live premiere at the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024! We can't wait to finally welcome her on stage here with us! Don't miss it! 

Get in touch if you would also love to see her in more places during that time!

January 26, 2024


It's here! The brand new single "Erase Me" by our  Dead Astronauts  has just been released and is available on your favourite platforms.
It's the first single off their long awaited upcoming album "Ghosts" coming this Spring - a preview of the atmospheric and evocative journey the album promises to deliver.

At its core, "Erase Me" unfolds as a poignant narrative of trauma, a simple lyrical tapestry woven with the threads of old demons being laid to rest, or as the band puts it "leaving bodies behind". The song explores the intricate dance between confronting one's inner demons and the challenge of discerning them from the very forces that might offer redemption. Dead Astronauts craft a haunting yet cathartic experience, inviting listeners to delve into the complexities of their own emotional landscapes.

Check it out on Bandcamp!



January 19, 2024


BAM, it's here! The brand new album 'RESIST' by our  Mark E Moon is available to preorder now! Grab your version on CD, a transparent purple LP or in digital format. With your order you will get three tracks already including the new single 'STAY'! 

Available on Bandcamp and in our Webshop.

The official release day is Phil's birthday on March 3rd!


January 13, 2024


This year, for the first time, we will have FOUR great live bands from our label for you! The first announcements will follow shortly. Until then we have a special for you! 

BLIND BIRD TICKETS!! Until the first bands are announced, blind bird tickets are available at a discounted price!


January 11, 2024

Happy New Year, Music Lovers! We wish you all the best 2024! We have many awesome releases to come this year - so lots to look forward to. Let's go then!

💥 New Signing & New Single 💥

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with the super cool Propter Hoc from Scotland on our label. Maybe you have spotted him already on our ZEITGEIST+ compilation. With his cool post-punk influenced electronic music and his distinctive voice, he already made his way into our musical hearts in 2021.

Propter Hoc already self-released various singles and two full albums in digital format over the last years, including the critically acclaimed album "False Confessions", which also made it to several "Best Of 2023" lists including awesome songs like "Ask Dr. Mueller". 

In March this year we are proud to release his brand new album "Zodiac Carousel" on CD and in digital format. Today you can hear the first single off this album - "Velvet Season".

Tonight the video for "Velvet Season" will also premiere on our YouTube channel! Set your reminders!

December 17, 2023

💥 WGT 2024 Announcement 💥

BAM, Music Lovers! Our wonderful The Secret French Postcards will finally have their live premiere at the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024!

We can't wait to see Olli and the Guys on stage (and it will be a very cool one)! Don't miss it!

November 24, 2023


BAM, Music Lovers! We have another signing this year! We are super happy to welcome  HUIR from Barcelona/Spain to Cold Transmission Music!

Formed in 2022, HUIR is a darkwave synthpop duo consisting of Ana Of The Head (Vocals & Synthesizers) & David Solazo (Guitars & Drums).
Together with the signing their are debuting their very first single "VITAL" which is part of the EP "Triumphal Arch Lovers" to be released in digital & physical format in early 2024. The EP is produced, mixed and mastered by Maurizio Baggio (Boy Harsher, The Soft Moon).

VITAL talks about feeling strong and not having the need, but having the ability to turn away from things or people that attract us but that, on the other hand, we know are not good for us. Enjoy life, look at the sunrise or sunset with a smile, live in the dark but be Vital.

Check the single out on your favourite platform and find out more about HUIR!


November 17, 2023


Following the first two singles "God Is A Machine" and the club banger "Pain Is Just A Noise", our Italian synth wave duo Sun's Spectrum have just released their new full length album "The Silence After The Fall".

It's available on CD, in digital format and on also your favourite streaming platforms! Check it out HERE!

With the new album they are aiming to consolidate their unique sound. A fusion of synthwave, techno, new wave and industrial. With this formula they deviate from the clichés of the genre, a courageous choice to seek a new and fresh sound.

The Guys are also an incredible live band and you can catch them soon on their first live gig in Germany! Experience them at our upcoming CT ZEITGEIST NIGHT on December 9th in Frankfurt Germany together with our  Rina Pavar

Save your tickets now! Ticket Link

November 9, 2023

💥 New Signing to Cold Transmission Music 💥

BAM! We are super happy and proud to welcome the incredible LOVATARAXX from France to our Label! We have been following these Guys for a long time already and will work with them towards their new album "SOPHOMORE" coming in spring 2024. Welcome Hélène and Julien - it's a great pleasure to have you with us!

LOVATARAXX explores the depths of a minimal wave, dark electronic and post-punk music. On stage, the two musicians are surrounded by corrosive synthesizers, sharp drum machines and a bass drowned in chorus effects. Straddling both eighties and nineties influences, LOVATARAXX's aesthetic is nurtured by Greek mythology, sci-fi - K.Dick - like novels, and romantic poetry. Enchanting voices, Carpenter's like synth melodies : it all sounds simultaneously strange and familiar, it all fluctuates between the delusive feelings of the blind hunky-dory days and the long despairs of a lost generation.

Their critically acclaimed debut album "H​É​B​É​PHR​É​NIE" was released in early 2020 already and followed by extensive touring over the last years. LOVATARAXX is also known for their intensive live performances - go see them live if they are near you!

Check out LOVATARAXX on their various channels - lots of great stuff to come!