Based in France, LOVATARAXX has been formed out of the blue in 2013, while crossing the Williamsburg bridge during a Spring break. Staring at the grey and pink stripes of the bridge's structure, the nascent duet decided to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions  in his music and lyrics. 

LOVATARAXX explores the depths of a minimal wave, dark electronic and post-punk music. On stage, the two musicians are surrounded by corrosive synthesizers, sharp drum machines and a bass drowned in chorus effects. Straddling both eighties and nineties influences, LOVATARAXX's aesthetic is nurtured by Greek mythology, sci-fi- K.Dick - like novels, and romantic poetry. Enchanting voices, Carpenter's like synth melodies : it all sounds simultaneously strange and familiar, it all fluctuates between the delusive feelings of the blind hunky-dory days and the long despairs of a lost generation. The audience dance, galvanized by the stage presence of a front woman with her boxer's braids, switching from English to German language on high speed beats. The duet plays often live with a Vjay sending loop figures in his old TV screens. 

Their critically acclaimed debut album "Hébéphrénie" was released in early 2020 and followed by extensive touring over the last years. LOVATARAXX's second LP named "Sophomore" will be out on the German label Cold Transmission Music in early 2024.