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Solo project by Swiss musician/producer Carlo Onda based in St. Gallen, with a long-standing soft spot for synths and drum machines, and frankly influenced by the Post-Punk, Minimal-Wave and Dark Wave of the 80’s.
In 2019 he released the random instrumental track «RAW» - all sounds made with a vintage ms-20 and no quantization.

"Around the age of 14, I picked up my first guitar and began playing with my friends. Shortly after, I bought my first drum computer and synthesizer. That is when I started meditating on sound. Years went by before I started recording music seriously. By accident, I ran into an entire collection of trashy italo disco and new wave LP’s in a second hand store. That is what really got me into late 70’s, early 80’s wave music. Releases of the «minimal wave» label additionally helped widen my horizons.
When I finally started recording the music, I mainly used the two components I liked the most: subtractive synthesizers and drum computers. Though I like and have plenty of hardware synths, I record my tracks mostly with digital emulations of these classic synthesizers. I’m not into complicating my workflow by using authentic gear for the sake of it. Instead, I try to use whatever is convenient and gives inspiration.
My songs are my diary. Therefore I like when there is a distinct identity in the arrangement and sound. I try to not go back and change too much afterwards." - Carlo Onda, 2019

After releasing the single «Autobahn» in May, Carlo debutet with a first longplayer on Cold Transmission: «Geister» is out since July 2019.

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Album «Geister» (Tape/digital)
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Single «Autobahn» (digital)
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