-Do you know when a dress worn for over 10 years is now worn out? -

Born from Marlat's - a well know Italian dark wave, gothic rock act - burning ashes by Fra Angenoir Marlat (vocals and synth) and Philippe Marlat (synth and bass) alchemy, O.N is an electro dark / witch wave duo founded in 2020.

Unlike their previous music project ohne nomen’s sound winks to the dark club dance floors with a mix of straight beats, harsh basses and sharpened synths, pasted together by the emphatic and sensual Francesca’s voice: the pale light you must follow, to be guided in a trip in a never-ending night.

The band, in the roster of the German label Cold Transmission Music, released its first album ‘nightflower’ in 2021 and is going to release its second full length ‘the s-witch’, on July the 28th 2023.