Located in Douglas, Isle of Man, Mark E Moon came together as a working project in the Autumn of 2018 and is the band name of Mark Sayle and Phil Reynolds. They play dystopian post punk/wave music, gothic rock and even some dark synth pop. Vocally, Mark E Moon has drawn comparisons with Andrew Eldritch and James Ray. Musically they have been called The Sisters of Mercy meets The Pet Shop Boys.

Mark Sayle met Phil Reynolds nearly 30 years ago. Mark was an aspiring singer/songwriter and Phil was already an accomplished musician in his own right having played in the bands Suicide Highlife and, the John Peel session debutantes and darlings of the underground industrial noise punk scene, Colon. They came together a shared love of music. Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, The Chameleons, late 70s and early 80s electro: this type of music would become grist for the mill of Mark E Moon (big synths, dark basslines and darker lyrics). 

Their debut album "Refer" was released in late 2019 followed by their new longplayer "Old Blood" in early 2021. On the way to their third full-length album they have released the EP "Lux Vindictae" in April 2022.