Based in Switzerland, long-term collaborators Fabrice Noir, the visionary behind Cabaret Bizarre - the legendary European dark cabaret show and club night, and renowned DJ Blake, celebrated for his monthly post-punk and new wave "Cloak and Dagger" nights, joined forces in 2020 to create A Sinister Light.

Infused with darkwave, industrial, post-punk, and techno influences, A Sinister Light delves into dystopian narratives rooted in existentialism and nihilism, exploring metaphysical realms. Their music offers a cathartic journey into an enigmatic darkness, where genuine enlightenment emanates from within.

Since its debut in March 2021, A Sinister Light's inaugural EP has swiftly captivated DJs and dark wave enthusiasts alike. March also marked a significant milestone as the duo secured a deal with Cold Transmission Music, Germany, as they diligently finalize their debut album „Discerning Spirits“, set for release in May 2024.